Food Allergy Support

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Got Food Allergies??  No problem!! 

We’ve got this!

Find Support for you & your child with food allergies

Individual Counseling, Support Groups for children and parents, and community support services offered by a Child & Family Therapist and experienced parent.

I am the parent of a child with severe life-threatening food allergies, have allergy issues of my own and am also a professional Child and Family therapist. We’ve had to navigate the overwhelming fears and feelings associated with living in a world that doesn’t quite understand what is necessary just be safe. I realized one day that my  experience of coping with and advocating for our allergy issues, coupled with my background in Social Work and Child & Family Therapy, has created the perfect opportunity for me to offer support to children and their families who face these potentially life-threatening challenges every day.

Are you feeling left out? People just don’t understand? Anxious? Bullied? Depressed? Angry?  Overwhelmed?

2012-09-29 16.29.09You are not alone!

I can help!

Living with food allergies can be challenging.  I can work with you and your child to navigate the social and emotional trials ahead. Together, We’ve got this!!





The following groups are in production.  Please check back for availability and information which will be posted as details are settled.  If you are interested in a listed group, please e-mail me your contact information so I can add you to the list and assure you receive information and updates as they become available.

~Tana Adams: or call (425) 351-0537


Food Allergy Support-Child & Adolescent

Food Allergy Support for Families

Building your Private Practice

Changing Families-Divorce/Grief/Loss

Trauma Recovery for Homeless and Formerly Homeless Women

If there is a topic for a group that you would like to see, please contact me as I strive to meet the needs of those who express interest in group work.