Play Therapy

2013-04-20 11.03.102013-01-30 19.55.56What is Play Therapy?

Play is the language of children and Play Therapy is a treatment approach that uses the child’s natural tendency to “play out”  their reactions to life situations.  My play therapy room has games, puppets, doll houses, dress up clothes, art supplies, sand trays and other carefully selected toys to facilitate the creative and emotional expression of the child’s inner world.

Play Therapy teaches the child how  to recognize, identify, and appropriately express their thoughts and feelings. It improves their self-concept, reduces anxiety, and initiates behavioral changes.  By making appropriate choices in the play room, children find solutions to problems and learn self-control which leads to taking responsibility for their actions and improved relationships.

The role of the play therapist is to provide an environment where the child can feel safe to play out his or her concerns and explore new ways of being in the world.  As a result, the therapist can witness and assess the child’s play and offer recommendations to parents concerning plan for resolving problems.